Trent looks devastated as grief washes over him, though he shakes it off. Alina Lopez a teen babysitter, climbs the front steps of a residential home. She's at work and has a deadline,. She sets the toys aside and smiles to herself. For her, this is just another day. April politely answers all the questions the best she can, even if she's uncomfortable. As soon as she gazes at it, her brows furrow with 's

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a picture with stick figures, very much a child's drawing. The picture has a disturbing vibe.'What does this mean?' April murmurs to herself as she tries to make sense of the picture.

Title platecut TO hours later, and April is tidying up the living room after having put the kids to bed. April needs a few moments to think it over, conflicted. It's just 9 months of April's life. She knocks on the door and a pleasant man (. She pulls up a search engine and searches Trent Perry's name. You must be April, welcome!' Trent says. Even though he loves his son, he wished he'd been given a daughter because that's what they've always wanted.

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Plus, she'd be fulfilling his wife's last wish. Finally, she asks how much Trent can offer her, signaling that she's open to the ent is relieved as he approaches April and takes her by exhib voiture rencontre gay normandie the arm, their eyes meeting. She picks up a few toys then moves to a table where there are crayons and a drawing. She has to provide for her brother and she has big dreams for herself as well. Without saying a word, although there is a mutual understanding, he slowly leads her upstairs. Trent can make sure he gets into the best private school. Perry?' April greets with a smile. She points to the page on her phone with his wife's obituary - why is he lying?! Trent is looming in the doorway, looking menacing.

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April moves into the living room with Trent, making some small talk where it's revealed that she's raising her younger brother. Instead, he says that he hopes that April can be the one to give him a daughter. April beams, saying that she's pleased to meet him and that she can't wait to meet the boys. She was so confused by the picture. Trent is sympathetic, though he moves onto asking her questions that seem a little beyond small talk. He begins to tell her a sad story about how he and his wife had been trying to have a baby for years. He's just asking her to be the vessel for his daughter. Then one day, they finally got lucky, though the doctor told her not to take the baby to term. Desperate to rebuild his family, they made an arrangement in hopes of Claire giving him a daughter, but he got two other sons d now? April then asks where the kids are and he says they're in the playroom.